Valplast Dentures

What are Valplast dentures?

Teeth falling out or being removed is no fun, it has to be said, the holes and damage left behind after an injury or severe tooth decay can be a constant strain on a persons confidence and health. A lot of people in this type of situation might think they have to put up with gaps in their smile, but Valplast dentures are a discreet, comfortable and long-lasting solution to this problem.
Valplast dentures are flexible appliances that slip into the mouth easily to replace any natural teeth that are missing. The Valplast name is highly regarded in the world of dentistry, because of the dentures durable properties and authentic appearance.

Aren’t they just like other partial dentures?

Normal dentures tend to be made out of much thicker, bulkier materials that don’t have the flexibility of a Valplast product. The strong nylon resin used to manufacture Valplast dentures makes them lightweight, more comfortable, and incredibly tough. More than that, they have no metal clasps that can irritate the gums, and they come with a lifetime guarantee that means they can be replaced in the event of a fracture or breakage.
In comparison with similar products on the market, Valplast has proven to be much more comfortable, due to their size, weight, and flexibility, it’s imperative to get this balance right if patients are going to be wearing the appliance all day.

Can anyone get one?

The Valplast design is very versatile, whether you’ve got just the one tooth missing or more than that, you may still be able to have one fitted. Other patients who might need more extensive surgical procedures – such as extractions or root canals, can also benefit from a partial denture, because the production process is tailored directly to the needs of the individual, fitting around remaining teeth and slotting in place to leave a natural smile.
People who wear dentures might find a Valplast appliance a viable alternative to painful rubbing and inflamed gums; they contain no metal or acrylics that can irritate the soft tissue or cause an allergic reaction.
If you are considering a partial denture to fix your teeth, but you have further dental work to be carried out, you can still order one from your dentist – the resin can be adjusted to incorporate the changing shape of your mouth. Some people aren’t comfortable going about their day-to-day business with missing teeth or ones that are waiting for extraction, fitting a denture can eliminate this worry until all the dental work has been completed.
Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough teeth remaining – either natural or implanted – to hold the denture firmly in your mouth, you may not be able to have one straightaway. In this case, you will have to look at other options and maybe work with the dentist to prepare your mouth for one in the future.

If you’re unsure whether you would be suitable for a Valplast denture, contact the Pearl Dental Clinic and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

How do they work?

When you initially visit the surgery to speak to a dentist, the condition of your teeth will be considered and you will be advised on your suitability for a Valplast denture. If you find you can be fitted for an appliance, you will have impressions of your teeth taken and sent away to the laboratory. This is an integral part of the process; dental technicians can create a denture to fit each individual patient exactly, using a computer and their own design skills. When the 3D image is complete, the partial can then be manufactured and returned to the surgery. After a period of a few weeks, you will be called back to the dentists to have your new teeth fitted, this is a fairly simple procedure where you will be instructed on care for the device and to return to the surgery if you feel any discomfort.

Are they easy to take care of?

Because Valplast dentures are highly durable and superbly designed, they are very simple to look after. The strong resin is resilient to most general wear and tear, and you won’t have to worry about deterioration – they are built to last. That said, there’s no need to put any undue stress or strain on your denture, it’s very tough, but like most materials will give or fracture if it is knocked about enough. Although, most patients are far more likely to misplace their appliance rather than break it.

Cleaning them couldn’t be simpler either, chose from a list of cleaning solutions that can keep your denture in top condition. It’s not advisable to clean it with everyday soap, it just won’t wear as well without the best products – and it definitely won’t taste very nice either! Common practice dictates taking the teeth out at nighttime, but if you are comfortable with your cleaning routine, you can leave them in while you sleep. Otherwise, before inserting in the morning, you should place them in hot water for a few seconds, this makes the resin slightly more flexible and more comfortable to put in – it also allows it to mould itself to the remaining teeth better.

Are there any drawbacks?

When comparing positives and negatives, it’s easy to see that Valplast is the better choice. However, no dental product is one hundred percent perfect and there are a few things worth noting if you’re considering a denture like this.

Firstly, they are likely to be a little more expensive than other types of dentures, due to their high specifications, extensive manufacturing process, and great results. Most people find that this is a worthwhile investment; they may have to pay a little more but they get the best product on the market and it will last them for years – decades even.

Secondly, Valplast can sometimes take longer to make and alter, this is because the materials used are very solid and take more remoulding than acrylic. All in all, if you’re prepared to wait a short time, you’re going to get a better denture, in the long run it’s the smarter choice.

Lastly, if you decide on a partial denture from Valplast, you will have to purchase the cleaning products that go with it. Whilst this is a necessary addition, the price can add up over the years.

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